Raiding Mum’s Christmas Baking

Mum’s busy in the kitchen, so I sneaked into her bedroom to investigate the contents of the seven huge metal tins crammed to the brim with her Christmas baking. This is what I found:



Shortbread with jam

Lebkuchen... my favourite!

Lebkuchen… my favourite!

Hazelnut macaroons, made with the neighbour's hazelnuts. They may not look much, but the taste is out of this world...

Hazelnut macaroons, made with our neighbours’ delicious hazelnuts. They may not look much, but the taste is out of this world…

Mehr Plätzchen

Little shortbread stars, lovely and buttery

Little shortbread stars, lovely and buttery



Sadly, by the time I got here, the Christmas baking project was already completed, so I can’t show you any of the steps. However, I did make Vanillekipferl with my friend Lorena last year, and if you want to see how WRONG things can go, just click here 😉



54 thoughts on “Raiding Mum’s Christmas Baking

  1. NancyTex

    I need to borrow your mum. I started my holiday baking at 7pm last night… Needless to say I’m a wee bit tired this morning. Got all but one variety done last night – had to let the dough chill for a few hours, so I’ll roll it out and bake them in an hour or so. Did I mention I still have hubby’s gift to buy AND I need to go back to St. Lawrence Market to buy food for the dinners we are hosting tomorrow and Sunday. Good times. :-S

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  2. prior

    mmm – this is a gift to your readers. and I like the reflection of the tins -= also – this post reminded me of why we gave out cookies and sweet treats at Christmas – so that folks could enjoy this tastiness – mmm – and I will try the heart shaped ones please…


  3. Trippmadam

    A few years ago I made “Engelsaugen” (angel’s eyes, I think Bavarians call them “Husarenknöpfe”). They turned out so very ugly that my brother still teases me about my “Teufelsaugen” (devil’s eyes).

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  4. Jackie Cangro

    I love the little heart cookies with the layer of jam between. Those are my favorites.
    In the German neighborhoods in NYC, bakeries offer a cookie called pfeffernusse which I also enjoy. Do you have those cookies? I’ve always wondered if that is strictly a German-American tradition.


  5. Kim G

    My God! Your mother’s cookies look totally delicious AND professional! So beautiful! So uniform! Wow!!!

    I guess her cakes must be out of this world.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we have recently perfected baking cherry pie.



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