Cuenca, Cuenca On The Wall…

There seems to be a long-held rivalry over which city is the most beautiful, Toledo or Cuenca. I have learnt to stay well clear of these disputes, especially if my kindly chauffeur happens to be a born-and-bred Toledan, and there’s no humanely dignified way of getting back home to Toledo on public transport.

Instead, I just enjoy the view…

Cuenca's walls are a natural granite formation

Cuenca’s city walls are a natural granite formation

Cuenca View2


Cuenca View3

Cuenca View 4

Ewa posing for Maria. In the background, precariously perched on the left, are the famous "hanging houses", dating back to the 15th century.

Eva posing for Maria. Precariously perched in the background on the left are the famous “hanging houses”, dating back to the 15th century.

Cuenca View 5

Cuenca Casco


Cuenca Cathedral


Cuenca Churches

Cuenca House

Salt cod and roast garlic, all mashed up. (Mental note: Next time, cancel all subsequent social engagements...)

Salt cod and roast garlic, all mashed up. (Mental note: Next time, cancel all subsequent social engagements…)



Cheeeezzzz...cake :)

Cheeeezzzz…cake 🙂

62 thoughts on “Cuenca, Cuenca On The Wall…

  1. Karolyn Cooper

    Are you back home safely now? Then you can admit it: Cuenca is beautiful. At least your photos make it look gorgeous.


  2. Kim in Fiji

    If only El Greco had done a companion painting “View of Cuenca” more Americans would know about it……Happy to see you are back (at least I haven’t gotten any of your posts for a coon’s age.) – and REALLY happy to see you are still enjoying all the food. Your other readers can have the cod (too salty for my blood pressure) – I’ll be pleased to hog that cheesecake!


  3. Sue

    Cuenca looks a great feast for the eyes, and I read your comment about distance from Madrid….. another one for my list, too….. 😀


  4. Jackie Cangro

    Beautiful architecture. You’re right to enjoy the view. 🙂
    I have two friends who moved recently from the US to Cuenca, Ecuador, which seems to have a lot in common with its namesake city.


  5. Girl Gone Expat

    What a beautiful Spanish town – the hanging houses look amazing. Was they built like that or has some of the rock they were sitting on eroded?


  6. Lynda

    So glad you are back! And what a lovely post to commemorate the event! Loved the scenery. Not much for the fish and garlic mash, but the cakes were divine.


  7. restlessjo

    I’m always full when I come to the end of your posts! Why is that, do you think? 🙂
    I don’t think Toledo has quite so stupendous a setting as Cuenca and I definitely sense the love affair wearing off. Are you there for much longer?


  8. TheLastWord

    If I had to pick photos: The canal from overhead, the narrow lane, the granite fist… of course, I knew it would all end up in a cake or dessert of some kind.. 🙂

    Where have you been? All well, I hope?


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