Weißensee, Bavarian Alps, in August

Bavaria has so many lakes that I’ll never even get to circumnavigate even half of them in my lifetime… but there’s a Happy End. How’s that for a teaser…?

Weißensee 2

Weißensee 1

Weißensee 3


weißensee 4

weißensee 5

Weißensee Steine

Weißensee Boot

Weißensee 6

Weißensee 7

And... as promised! Apple fritters :)

And… as promised! Apple fritters 🙂 Counts as cake in my book.

46 thoughts on “Weißensee, Bavarian Alps, in August

  1. Jackie Cangro

    Hooray! The apple fritters look a bit like they’re smiling at you on the plate. 🙂

    The scenery is spectacular. A perfect combination of lake and mountains. The pink inflatable raft adds a certain je ne sais quoi, no?

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  2. Anna

    I am so so so so in love with the Bavarian Alps, and I didnt even get to spend time on the lakes! I was also told that horseback riding is rather popular in the area, so maybe an equestrian vacation there is in my future?


  3. Kim in Fiji

    Love the mountain lake …. but isn’t is awfully COLD for swimming in? I see the couple in the boat wearing a sweater and a parka – so the air was not really hot. I think I’d be more comforted seeing a mug of steaming cocoa. Brrrrrrr. My thin tropical blood quakes at the thought of an icy bath. .



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