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Look Up, Look Down: Contrails And More Lanterns

We’ve had some lovely blue skies in Toledo last week, so I couldn’t help but look up 🙂

El Salvador church in Toledo

El Salvador church, Toledo

And more contrails…Lantern, contrails

LanternGreen lampLinked to travelwithintent’s weekly Look Up, Look Down photo challenge.

Photo Challenge: Got All Your Ducks In Line?

Here is my entry for this week’s Fun Foto Challenge: Reflections & Shadows, laid on by Cee.

First up, we have reflections: I took this shot a couple of days ago, while out on a walk with a friend by the river Tagus, which flows through my current home town of Toledo (Spain), all the way through to Lisbon (Portugal).  Seeing the geese (not ducks…) all lined up by those giant pillars amused me. The wheel behind is quite impressive… I’ve no idea what that installation was once used for, mind!

GeeseAs for shadows, here’s my own, falling onto my father’s grave, taken this summer in Germany:


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge – Wheels: Bikes & Mystery Fleet

Spotted in Toledo a couple of weeks ago. I like all the different makes and colours 🙂


Last week, I came across a row of virtually identical black cars clogging up the sparse parking area on Toledo’s tiny Plaza Mayor. Are the Men In Black about to take over the town?! The mind boggles…

Black cars

Linked to Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge.

A Lingering Look At Windows: Reflections & Dinginess

Toledo has an endless supply of rustic (or should that be rusty?) windows. Here’s my contribution for Dawn’s Lingering Look At Windows photo challenge:

Window Da Vinci Exhibit

Starting with something regal…

I love a nice reflection

I love a nice reflection

Reflection of the Cathedral's spire

Reflection of the Cathedral spire


Very sinister, this one...

A bit sinister, this one… the iron grate, ugly though it may be, struck me as unusual

Look Up, Look Down: Church, Cathedral, Lantern

Toledo is the theme once again for my contribution to this week’s Look Up, Look Down photo challenge, laid on by travelwithintent.

First up is the steeple of Saint Thomas’s Church (Iglesia de Santo Tomé), advertising an organ concert:

Church tower

The next one is a tiny segment of Toledo Cathedral’s elaborate main portal:


I’m forever sneaking lanterns into these posts 😉 I took this pic on a dull day, and thought that it looked best in black and white.

Street lamp

Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Statues’ Backs and Sides, Sculpture Invaded

Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge for this week is themed Statues, Carvings, Sculptures. My contribution is a couple of traditional statues from odd angles, and a modern one.

Statues of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza outside Cervantes's birth house in the Spanish town of Alcalá de Henares.

Statues of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza seated outside Cervantes’s birth house in the Spanish town of Alcalá de Henares. At least from this perspective, you get to see a ‘statue’ of the famed literary work 😉

Statue in Toledo outside the Alcázar (fortification)

Statue in Toledo outside the Alcázar (fortification), taken on Wednesday. Amazingly blue sky that day!

Newfangled sculpture in Toledo. Been seized by kids, which, I think is an immense improvement...

Newfangled sculpture in Toledo, seized by kids. Which, I think, is a definite improvement…


A Lingering Look At Windows: Seen Better Days

This weeks’ contribution to Dawn’s A Lingering Look At Windows features another couple of windows from Toledo, this time of the run-down variety. OK, make that even more run down than usual.

OK... it WAS once a window, but cut me some slack here...

It WAS once a window, so cut me some slack here…

A highly curious widow arrangement... the mind boggles!

A highly curious widow arrangement… the mind boggles! I like the textures of that crumbly wall. In great part because it ain’t mine!

Window close up

Look Up, Look Down: Convents, Lamps, Chaos

Here is this week’s entry for travelwithintent’s Look Up, Look Down photo challenge 🙂

The first pic is a former convent building just across the little square (Plaza Vicente) by my house:

Taken at sunset. I like the textures.

I like the textures and the wooden shutters

The one below features Toledo’s photogenic street lamps yet again! I just can’t help myself… The backdrop is the Alcázar, in case any of my local friends are wondering.

Street LampI was practicing my centering technique with these shots, not sure how successful that was…

To balance things out, here’s a complete higgledy piggledy mess replete with wires, aerials, air con units and satellite dishes, looking down from the Alcazár:

Toledo rooftops

Toledo rooftops

Toledo Through A Window

Last weekend, I was able to take these photos, thanks to my lovely new friend Lorena, who provided me with me access to an historic building’s ‘turret room’. Totally worth huffing and puffing all the way up there!

This is my entry to this week’s A Lingering Look At Window’s photo challenge laid on by Dawn.

Usually, participants post pictures of intriguing and fancy windows from the outside, but today, just for a change, I’m approaching the task from the inside out, giving you a glimpse at the beautiful city of Toledo framed by a window.

Toledo Window


Toledo Window 3

Toledo Window 4

Look Up, Look Down: Into A Hole Full Of Rubble

A couple of days ago, I looked down quite unexpectedly, and it pleased me no end. Some of you may have noticed that 99% of my entries for travelwithintent’s weekly Look Up, Look Down photo challenge are of the ‘Look Up’ variety.

So, here is how it happened: I was on my way home from buying some yoghurt from the local supermarket, when I walked past a skip tucked away in a side street in the middle of town, in which my pal Rafa was trampling around in. When I asked what it was all about, he promptly dragged me into the dark and dingy building behind.

He’s an archaeologist, working on a dig with a handful of colleagues. I had heard about that project, because I’d met up for a hearty breakfast with some of the crew that very morning, and I noted that they were even dustier than usual…

That's Rafa's brother down there, getting his hands nice and dirty.

That’s Rafa’s brother down there, getting his hands dirty. The bucket behind him contains assorted crumblings of questionable provenance, to be given a good scrub down later in the office.

That ‘wall’ in the back is a compounded pile of rubble, with total height/depth of about 14 metres. (They know this from other digs carried out in the area). So far, they’ve dug out about three metres. The top of it dates to around 500 A.D., and the bottom to 500 B.C. Toledo is essentially a city built on its own debris.

As you can see in the above pic, the lower part of the exposed wall is very dark in colour, which indicates that this layer is composed of the wreckage of buildings that burnt down hundreds of years ago.

In the pic below, Rafa is holding out an item (out of focus, sorry!) they’d unearthed right before I came ambling along. It’s a weight that was once attached to a Roman loom.

Rafa is one of the nicest people I know, and he always seems to be in good humour

You can see the hole on the side of the weight, through which the string passes.

You can see, there’s a hole on the side of the weight, through which the string was passed.

OK, you can all LOOK UP again now. Here’s a swirly lantern that dangles high up above the street from an arch right next to the cathedral:


Next week, I’m hoping for skulls and thigh bones. Dig, Rafa, dig!!!