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Ships In The Med

I love ships, harbours , docks 🙂 I took these back in March in Andalucía, at Algeciras, Gibraltar and Cádiz.

Ageciras Beach 2Algeciras beach 3

Algeciras Beach 1Algeciras Beach 4

Algeciras harbour by night

Algeciras harbour by night

Cadiz Harbour

Cádiz docks

Cádiz docks


View of Gibraltar harbour, Algeciras in the background

View of Gibraltar harbour, Algeciras in the background


How To Gatecrash A Fashion Show

Those of you who read Friday’s little cake post will already know what this is about: A couple of days ago, I accompanied my friend Maria to an event that took place at a fancy local hotel. One of Maria’s clients, José Luis Pinto from 05estudio (a local architecture and interior design company), was hosting a presentation for a bunch of millionaire Chinese investors.

The part I was looking forward to most eagerly (besides being tossed some tasty morsels of food and drowned in delicious Spanish wine), was a catwalk extravaganza courtesy of Presumidas, a fashion label created by two Spanish designers, Andrea Palau and Laura Richarte, both of them obsessed with the flouncy feminine flair of the 50’s.

Although I couldn’t wait for the strutting to start, I wondered whether the overseas business barons might think a parade of swishy skirts a tad superfluous… but, as it turned out, I needn’t have worried. Pictures speak louder than words, or however the saying goes…

(Note: I was poorly positioned against the light, so the quality of the images isn’t great. I altered some of them to detract from the graininess)


“Must get a shot of that for the wife…”


Some things are really hard to argue with…

Green with designers

Those two ladies in red are the designers, Laura and Andrea

Floral pants

What every spring wardrobe needs – a pair of frilly flowery knickers 🙂

SmileyTwo-parterMore flouny skirts

Flower poseGreen and white

Purple hue

Flower flounce Catsuit









Swishy two-paterRed











With designers

OK… so my future as a fashion photographer may be forever doomed after this, but it sure was fantastic fun 🙂

Silvery Seas, Stormy Horizons

I do love a nice moody shot of the sea, and I managed to take these on Saturday during our excursion to Cádiz.

The day had been beautiful and sunny, and just as we were about to leave, rain clouds were starting to move in. You can them in the background:

Cádiz sea & beach

The sea was like a sheet of silver...

The sea was like a sheet of silver…

There will be more on the beautiful seaside city of Cádiz over the next few days 🙂

Who You Gonna Call…? Mulder And Scully? Buffy?!?

I take tons of crappy pictures, and they get zapped instantly. But this one – meant to be an olive tree with the sunset behind – totally spooked me out… my camera sees ghosts!

Olive Tree Ghosts

The Olive Tree Gremlins are coming for us!!!!

Don't they look mean!?

What a pair of mean-looking critters!

If you don’t see another post after this one, they’ve dragged me off into their psychedelic Great Beyond. Next time you pass by an olive tree, just toss me a few cake crumbs, will ya?

Hitting The Bottle

So, Friday night, while out for a drink with a friend, I took some pics of a shelf filled with bulbous glass bottles. The raw results were totally underwhelming, so I decided to faff around a bit on iPhoto.

Bottles 1Bottles 2Bottles 3Bottles 4Bottles 5Bottles 6OK… I guess I won’t be mounting my photographic art exhibition any time soon… but it was all good clean fun 🙂

Oh, just humour me…