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Key West – Explosion Of Colours

So, early last Thursday morning, I set off on my annual pilgrimage to Key Wes (Florida), a balmy island 90 miles off Cuba. I’ll be here for almost a month, lounging around on my friends’ houseboat. Here’s my first rash of photos 🙂

Pelican in Key West Harbour

Pelican waiting for some tasty scraps to be tossed into Key West Harbour

The hallmark of Key West is its colourfulness, which, although a bit brash at times, accounts for much of the tiny island’s charm.

Key West Colour

Beautiful flowers grace people’s front gardens:

Trop Plants

Flower 2Flower 3

Orchids are a common sight

Orchids are a common sight

White and purple orchids


Even the cats have strikingly coloured eyes!

Key West is a prime Cruise ship destination

Cruise ship

The seabirds remain unimpressed...

The local seabirds remain unimpressed…


Fowl Friday

Here are couple of shots I took last weekend of a group of geese on the shore of the Tagus, and two ducks zipping along its choppy waters.

GeeseDucksI love ducks, but I have a bit of unprocessed childhood trauma when it comes to geese… memories of being held captive by a fierce gaggle of them while up on a neighbour’s plum tree. Where I shouldn’t have been in the first place, admittedly.