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Bread Flowers

On my way home from lunch today, I spotted this original bread display outside the local bakery:

Flower bread

Reminds me of giant daffodils, spring has arrived! But… who’d want to break those works of art?!

And here’s an angled view, so you get a better sense of proportions, as well as a glimpse of the bakery’s interior:

Bread shop

I mentioned lunch, didn’t I? Here is what I had:

A delicious vegetable moussaka :)

A most delicious vegetable moussaka with hummus on the side 🙂

Now, before anyone comments, “What, no cake??”, let me assure you, I DID have cake for afters. It just wasn’t very photogenic, and, sadly, not overwhelming in the taste department either. Sigh. I’ll just have to wait until they start making their courgette cake again… now THAT was good.

Bread Galore!

On my way home about half an hour ago, I passed the ham shop. Seems they’ve just had their (weekly???) bread delivery in…