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A Happy New Year… From Narnia!

After days on end of snow, icy winds and grey skies, I could barely believe it when I pulled up the shutters this morning: 2015 got off to a dazzling start.

Not my handiwork, but perfect for a New Year's Day pic :)

Not my handiwork, but perfect for a New Year’s Day pic 🙂

A walk in the woods was in order, to test out my new boots. Although snow shoes might have been a better choice. I had some fun with the camera, trying to catch the sunlight peeking through the trees.


Wald 1



Wald 2


Wald 5

Wald 4

Still with me? Let’s finish off with a nice brekkie 🙂



London Cakes and Brekkies

I’ve had complaints. Several, in fact. About the dearth of food pictures from my very recent London trip. I want to assure you all that I did, in fact, eat. Morning, noon and night. And in between. Everything in sight. Especially Asian food (which is hard to come by in Toledo) and, of course, CAKES.

I wasn’t as conscientious as usual about taking food photos, but I did come away with some. Here’s a selection:

An adventurous Chelsea bun, with blueberries and pistachio topping, devoured in a new cafe in East Finchley. My friend had a delicious chocolate almond cake.

An adventurous Chelsea bun, with blueberries inside and pistachios on top, devoured in a new (to me) cafe in East Finchley. My friend had a delicious chocolate almond cake.

Brazilian Cake

At a Brazilian café in Cleveland Street. And yes, the board with the cake AND the chocolate truffle was mine 🙂

Belsize Park Cafe

A café in Belsize Park.

Highgate bakery

A bakery in Highgate


I just had to home in on those jam doughnuts on the bottom right… and they were every bit as delicious as they look.

Let’s finish off with some breakfasts for those of you who prefer savoury fare. After all, this is what the UK is famous for 🙂

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict

Muswell Hill



The Last Bavarian Breakfast…

I’ve left Bavaria’s green meadows and mossy woods behind and I’m back in the furnace that is Toledo. And it’s not a second too early to start reminiscing about the food… I won’t be having this for brekkie tomorrow, that much I know 😦

OK... technically, this was Monday's breakfast with my mum and aunt in a lovely restaurant. It's just that this morning's bread and cheese affair wasn't very exciting ;-)

OK… technically, this was Monday’s breakfast (with my mum and aunt) in a lovely restaurant. It’s just that this morning’s bread and cheese affair before setting off to the airport wasn’t very exciting 😉

Breakfast 2

In the afternoon, I had this with my friend Martina...VOLCANO ICE CREAM!

Monday afternoon, once breakfast had subsided a bit, I had this with my friend Martina…VOLCANO ICE CREAM!

Ooooooh, ice cream… Spain is crap at ice cream, did I mention that?! Sigh.

A Breakfast Outing. From Which I Almost Didn’t Return.

This morning, a dear family friend picked us (Mum and moi) up for a luxurious lakeside breakfast:

This was meant to be for two people... but we struggled to manage it between the three of us ;-)

This was meant for two people… we struggled to manage it between the three of us 😉

We combined the feast with a little walk around the lake (the Ammersee), whereby, embarrassingly, I managed to get lost in the woods! I blame the camera. My mum had left her phone at home, which didn’t help. We found each other again after about 45 fraught minutes and a lot of yelling. I’m trying to convince myself that the handful of photos I came away with were worth that rather stressful interlude. What’cha think…?

Boathouse, Ammersee

Haus am Ammersee

Fensterladen mit Herz

Love the little hearts 🙂

Ammersee Haus 2

What a stunning bird bath ;-)

What a snazzy bird bath 😉

Windsurfing Ammersee