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The Last Bavarian Breakfast…

I’ve left Bavaria’s green meadows and mossy woods behind and I’m back in the furnace that is Toledo. And it’s not a second too early to start reminiscing about the food… I won’t be having this for brekkie tomorrow, that much I know 😦

OK... technically, this was Monday's breakfast with my mum and aunt in a lovely restaurant. It's just that this morning's bread and cheese affair wasn't very exciting ;-)

OK… technically, this was Monday’s breakfast (with my mum and aunt) in a lovely restaurant. It’s just that this morning’s bread and cheese affair before setting off to the airport wasn’t very exciting 😉

Breakfast 2

In the afternoon, I had this with my friend Martina...VOLCANO ICE CREAM!

Monday afternoon, once breakfast had subsided a bit, I had this with my friend Martina…VOLCANO ICE CREAM!

Ooooooh, ice cream… Spain is crap at ice cream, did I mention that?! Sigh.

Ice Cream & Construction

I only just got back from a strenuous girlie shopping expedition with my friend Martina. After trying on countless garments, we rewarded ourselves with this:

Blueberry ice cream

On the way to the car park, we passed by this construction site:

Looks like thirsty work up there...

Looks like thirsty work up there…