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Green Parrot Spotted Cavorting With White Chicken!

The Green Parrot Bar on Whitehead Street in Key West is surely one of the world’s most famous bars, probably because it was Hemingway’s favourite boozer. His house was (and still is) only a drunken stumble away on the same road.

Here are a couple of pics I took back in January:

I'm not entirely sure why the parrot was balancing a chicken on its head that day...

I’m not entirely sure why the parrot was balancing a chicken on its head that day… nor am I in the know about the snivelling prohibition.

Bar sign

Green Parrot Sign

Hemingway’s other favourite hangout was Sloppy Joe’s – also a bar, surprise, surprise! I didn’t take a photo, but I do have a pic of one of its urinals. Hemingway pinched it while the bar was moving to a different location. His reasoning was that he had surely pissed enough money into the receptacle to claim ownership.

Urinal water fountain

Sloppy Joe’s urinal, turned into a fountain by Hemingway. It still gushes away merrily on the grounds of his house, where it serves as a giant water bowl for the descendants of his beloved six-toed cats. His wife hated it…

[If you would like to see a post on those lovely furry purry creatures, click here.]

Silly Sunday: Key West Public Art

Looks like that guy down there is having a ball, chilling and wistfully gazing up at these five frisky frolickers? In fact, one of them looks like she’s about to pay him some very special attention…

He’s got more in common with these buxom beauties than you might have guessed at first glance… he isn’t real either!

And neither is he!

And neither is he!

Princess Pugsy – The Star Of Key West

Two years ago, when my friends emigrated to from the UK to the US, Princess Pugsy made her way across the choppy Atlantic on the Queen Mary, because no aircraft carrier would allow her to travel in the only manner befitting her status, namely unsedated and as hand lap luggage.

She was well-received, not just on her new island home, but also when she cropped up in a couple of my blog posts before, so I thought I’d share these:

Pugsy basket

Cosied up at home

Ready to go out

Ready to paint the town red

Breaking the local laws

Breaking the local laws

Mummy's pride and joy

Mummy’s pride and joy

"Helping" Daddy with emails

“Helping” Daddy with emails

Key West is just crazy about dogs. See those übercool doggies I uploaded last month, in case you missed them.

Look Up Look Down: Key West Lighthouse

What on Earth, I was asking myself, am I going to do about travelwithintent’s Look Up Look Down photo challenge while stuck on an island as flat as a pancake?

Then I spotted the lighthouse. And for ten bucks, they let you go up there. So I did.

A window on the way up.

A window on the way up. Needed to catch my breath.

Zooming in through the window on one of those cruise ships. Looks like a toy!

Zooming in (through the window) on one of those cruise ships. Looks like a toy!

I'm at the top! The wind is nearly ripping my ears off.

I’m at the top! The wind is nearly ripping my ears off.

Strange how the sky in this direction is so completely different from the other side... very scenic, though

Strange how the sky in this direction is so completely different from the blue skies on the other side. I quite like the moodiness, though.

Sea view boat

Typical Key West house

Typical Key West house from above

This is Hemingway's house

This is Hemingway’s house

[I visited Hemingway’s house, and his famous six-toed cats. If you’re a kitty lover and you missed this post, click here.]

The Key Lime Pie Reviews: The Perfect 5* Pie

Oh boy, I sure got through a lot of Key lime pie in my four weeks in Key West! But it had to be done. After all, I was on a sacred quest for the perfect specimen. And I tracked it down (oh yes!) in a popular beach-side restaurant called Saluté.

And here it is:

Salute Key Lime Pie

Just take a moment to marvel at those perfect proportions…

Salute Key Lime Pie Side

And again, from another angle, coz it’s so pretty…

Now, to some of you who’ve drooled through all my Key lime pie reviews with a careful eye, this specimen may look suspiciously familiar. And you’d be right, we’ve had this one before.

Saluté sources its pies from Blue Heaven, where my friend (see pic below) bought me one of those heavenly creations in its entirety. If you remember, it was sold to us on the cheap for having some minor imperfections. One of its flaws was an uneven crust that was just slightly too thick in places.

As you can see, the slice above was not afflicted by this shortcoming. Or any shortcomings, for that matter. It was absolutely perfect, in appearance as well as in taste and texture.

The purists may feel compelled to sneer that a “proper” Key lime pie ought to have a piped cream topping and not a meringue edifice, but I personally prefer the latter 🙂

My rating: 5 out of 5 🙂

Salute Key Lime Pie Vicky

What a winner 🙂

Our view

Our view from the table…

A big thanks to all of you for cheering me on my torturous mission. I might even do it again someday 😉

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