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Lake Tegernsee and Wasserburg, Bavaria

Not another lake, I hear you groan. Not the Bavarian Alps AGAIN…! But yes, I’m afraid, I’ve just got to cram one more┬áin before I’m done with this year’s home visit ­čśë

Tegernsee is another one of these fabulous destinations just an hour from Munich on the train. Although it is most definitely a tourist destination, foreign tourists don’t really know about it, so I’d say that probably 95% of tourists are Germans.

Lake Tegernsee 1

Who said Germany didn't have great beaches...??

Who said Germany didn’t have great beaches…??

Rottdach Egern

Traditional Bavarian dresses (

Traditional Bavarian dresses (“Dirndl”) on sale.

Tegernsee Boats

Tegernsee at dusk

Tegernsee Fire Station :)

Tegernsee Fire Station ­čÖé

And now, to give your Alps-and-lakes-weary eyes a rest, a couple of shots from a trip we took to Wasserburg, a medieval town in Upper Bavaria, circled by the river Inn.

I did not take this photo of Wasserburg myself, but I didn't want to deprive you of the beauty of this pespective

Aw, look, how pretty! (Note: I did not take this photo myself, it comes from http://www.wasserburg.de)

Wasserburg Town Centre

Wasserburg Town Centre

That's my mum there in the white skirt

That’s my mum there in the white skirt

Wasserburg Houses

VW Beetle


There's nothing as tempting as a shot of someone's privates...

There’s nothing as tempting as a shot of someone’s privates…

And to finish off:

Another portion of fabulous apple fritters! I had a bit of an obsession with them on this trip...

Another portion of fabulous apple fritters! I had a bit of an obsession with them on this trip…

Wei├čensee, Bavarian Alps, in August

Bavaria has so many lakes that I’ll never even get to circumnavigate even┬áhalf of them in my lifetime… but there’s a Happy End. How’s that for a teaser…?

Wei├čensee 2

Wei├čensee 1

Wei├čensee 3


wei├čensee 4

wei├čensee 5

Wei├čensee Steine

Wei├čensee Boot

Wei├čensee 6

Wei├čensee 7

And... as promised! Apple fritters :)

And… as promised! Apple fritters ­čÖé Counts as cake in my book.

A Breakfast Outing. From Which I Almost Didn’t Return.

This morning, a dear family friend picked us (Mum and moi) up for a luxurious lakeside breakfast:

This was meant to be for two people... but we struggled to manage it between the three of us ;-)

This was meant for two people… we struggled to manage it between the three of us ­čśë

We combined the feast with a little walk around the lake (the Ammersee), whereby, embarrassingly, I managed to get lost in the woods! I blame the camera. My mum had left her phone at home, which didn’t help. We found each other again after about 45 fraught minutes and a lot of yelling. I’m trying to convince myself that the handful of photos I came away with were worth that rather stressful interlude. What’cha think…?

Boathouse, Ammersee

Haus am Ammersee

Fensterladen mit Herz

Love the little hearts ­čÖé

Ammersee Haus 2

What a stunning bird bath ;-)

What a snazzy bird bath ­čśë

Windsurfing Ammersee

Bavarian Lake Excursion: Kochel-Am-See

My brother, my mum and I went on another excursion last month, this time to Kochel-Am-See, located on the shores of yet another beautiful Bavarian lake, the Kochelsee.

The Blacksmith of Kochel - I've always loved this statue.

The ‘Blacksmith of Kochel’ oversees the town centre – I’ve always loved this statue. Though I’d never noticed before just how big his feet are…!

Kochelsee Boothaus


Lake View




The dogs are having fun too :)

The dogs were having fun too ­čÖé


A duck siesta


Here are a couple of traditional Bavarian farmhouses:


Bauernh├ĄuserAnd, to finish off a great day out, only one more thing was needed:

There was ice cream involved... OF COURSE!

Looking at these photos brought it home to me that the summer is about to end…

Ailsa’s Weekly Travel Theme: Play – A Fabulous Playground

On our recent trip to Lake Starnberg, my mum and I came across this really cool kids’ playground. Perfect, I thought, for Ailsa’s Weekly Travel Theme, which, for this week, is PLAY ­čÖé




Well, you can’t play all day, so we sat down to relax to this gorgeous view stretching across the lake to the Alps:

...and then this appeared! Magic :)

…and then this appeared! Magic ­čÖé Cherry streusel and PROPER whipped cream (not that watery stuff out of a can), if anyone’s interested in the specifics.

For some lovely and relaxing pictures of Lake Starnberg, take a look at this post.

Lake Starnberg’s Charming Boat Houses

On the excursion to Lake Starnberg with my mum a couple of weeks ago, I spotted some boat houses, where the tourists go to rent their boats. The contrast between light and shade and the ripples on the water made for an excellent photo opp ­čÖé



Boathouse Window

Oooops… these are my knobbly knees in the window there ­čśë

Boat Rental


Boathouse Window

Starnberg Boathouse

For some splendid views of Lake Starnberg, click here.

Cruising Around Lake Starnberg

A few days ago, mum and I embarked on a little excursion to the beautiful city of Starnberg, which is right beside the Starnberger See (Lake Starnberg). Bavaria is studded with lakes, they are the remnants of the glaciers that melted away at the end of the last ice age. The lakes are very deep, with crystal-clear turquoise blue water, and very popular for boating and swimming.

We took a boat ride around the northern half of the lake.

The front of our boat

The front of our boat


You can make out the Alps in the background



Starnberger See

Rot-Blaues Boot


Pink Lilo

Twins :)

Twins ­čÖé

Rotes Segel


Rude boys!!!! ­čśë


Rose Island, lake Starnberg’s only island. The King of Bavaria and the Empress of Austria used to meet there for …erm… extracurricular activities…
The King drowned himself in the lake in 1886.

Oranges BootYellow dingy

The town of Starnberg

The town of Starnberg

The back end of our boat

The back end of our boat