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Feather Storm In Toledo

The best weekend afternoons start like this:

Maria: Do you want to have lunch tomorrow?

Me: What kinda lunch?

Maria: Whatever happens to come with the drinks.

It’s very hard to argue with that. So for lunch we went.  It lasted from 2pm till 10pm. Interspersed by a street theatre performance on Town Hall Square.


Lucía’s luminous drink

Pimientos de Padrón

Pimientos de padrón. These are small green peppers, deep-fried, salted, totally addictive.

Toledo Cathedral Lit Up

Toledo Cathedral lit up, and a sea of people waiting for the performance to start.

Giant Screen

The performance included several eardrum-busting explosions, which sent clouds of dust and feathers up into the air. This is the back of a giant screen the performers used to project images onto.

Feather Storm

Maria in the midst of the feather storm. Either that, or we’re having a bloody good pillow fight…

Madrid Street Performers: Levitating Basketball Player

Taken on Plaza Mayor, Madrid.

"I must say, you do look a bit silly up there, splayed out in mid-air" "Speak for yourself, Pink Socks!"

“I must say, you do look a bit silly up there…”
“Speak for yourself, Pink Socks!”

"And you, giving me the silent treatment, huh?!"

“Giving me the silent treatment, huh?!”