Toledo – Where Cars Come For A Good Scraping

The old town of Toledo is a warren of narrow cobbled streets. This brings many practical problems for its modern-day inhabitants. For starters, it’s not a town that was built with cars in mind. There’s barely any space to park, and shoehorning anything larger than a skateboard through the streets is not without consequences.

Cars belonging to the residents of Toledo are instantly recognisable throughout the entire Castilla-La Mancha region:

The walls don’t remain unscathed either…

The town’s eccentric lay-out makes plenty of work for the local police. The officers are constantly busy rescuing tourists who have managed to get themselves stuck. A street may appear wide enough to drive through at first glance, but half-way down, you suddenly find yourself trapped in a bottleneck. Bits of broken wing mirrors everywhere. A one-way system is in operation, but just because the streets that led you into town may have been wide enough, on the way out, it may be a totally different story…

5 thoughts on “Toledo – Where Cars Come For A Good Scraping

  1. NorthernStar

    I wouldn’t even attempt to drive in Toledo! I can’t remember where to walk to get to where I want to go, so driving would be a nightmare.


  2. Anna

    Wow, sounds treacherous! And those wall scraped look horrendous. I never actually noticed them in old Euro towns… Moscow is def not like that, but definitely has its own issues with one-way and weirdly-shaped streets. On this evening’s dog walk a guy in a car asked me for directions to a boulevard that was about 50 yards to the left – but bc the connector street was unidirectional, he had to go 1.5 kilometers in the opposite direction to be able to make all the proper turns to get to that boulevard.



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