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Red Gate, Yellow Armchairs, Stone Baby

Here are some more pictures taken on my drizzly excursion to Sintra (Portugal), at Christmas.

Red Door

How's that for some eye-catching outdoor furniture...?

How’s that for some eye-catching outdoor furniture…?

Stone baby front

Stone Baby side

The baby was part of an outdoor sculpture exhibition. For the most amusing exhibit, click here.

And If you would like to see a handful more pictures of beautiful Sintra, click here.

Hands Off The ‘Money’!!!

The town of Sintra, located 20km west of Lisbon, is currently hosting an outdoor sculpture exhibition. This piece made me chuckle:


Don’t ask me what this is supposed to represent…the interesting part is to be found at the foot of the construction

Don't Touch

No need to squint… here’s a close-up


…but some sticky-fingered folk aren’t so easily deterred, evidently….

Lovely Lisbon: December Bloom

Although this is southern Europe, these latitudes aren’t exactly blessed with a profusion of flowers at this time of year. However, that makes makes it even more delightful when you do spot an explosion of spring colours somewhere.

First up is blossom-laden tree with a sea view backdrop:

Seaview blossoms


Next, some municipal planting, in front of a tiled wall. Very Lisbon 🙂

Flowers, tiles


This last one wasn’t taken in Lisbon, but in Sintra.