70’s/80’s Flashbacks: My Love Affair With Cakes

As most of you know, I was recently leafing though old family albums, and since birthdays are a classic occasion for taking photos, you won’t be at all surprised that I’ve stumbled upon some highly incriminating evidence documenting the early days of my life-long cake addiction.

Actually, these photos are from the early 80's rather than the 70's, as evidenced by these horrendous perms.

A quick look over the shoulder to make sure nobody’s about to swipe my piece… That’s my mother on the left, the other people are her aunts and her cousin. [Hideous 80’s perms alert…!]

I absolutely love marzipan, so my birthday cakes were always densely populated by marzipan fauna and flora, as well as covered by a layer of marzipan:

She's touching my precious....!!!!

Whaaaahhhh, she’s touching My Precious….!!!!

Finally, she's gone... and I get to be alone with MY CAKE

Finally, she’s gone… and I get to be alone with MY CAKE!!!

Ooooooh, a two-tiered construction! Right behind me are my mother (right) and by grandma (left)

Ooooooh, a fancy two-tiered construction! Just what I’d ordered. Right behind me are my mum (right, in the blue) and by grandma (left)

That's not me, but my little brother with his birthday cake

My little brother with his birthday cake. Yes, wee boy, just don’t you take your eyes off it… not even for a second…!

[For the rest of the 70’s Flashback series, bursting with embarrassing photos, click here.]


40 thoughts on “70’s/80’s Flashbacks: My Love Affair With Cakes

  1. Anna

    So cute! Those are some big cakes. I was never a fan of the marzipan taste, but until I went to study in Europe I had no idea it came in so many amazing shapes. I wanted to buy one of every single variety at the Nice market!


      1. Anna

        So, expert opinion, please: would it have been possibly to press in a string loop into them, and then dry them, thus making them into Christmas ornaments? Bc if yes, I am going CRAZY next time I’m in the Mediterranean.


      2. ladyofthecakes Post author

        That might work, provided they were dry enough before hanging, and I wasn’t around, but they would really be quite brittle, I think. Better (and cheaper) to do this with baked salt dough.


  2. linnetmoss

    The cake thing is definitely in the blood. Those are some mondo-supremo cakes! I never had anything remotely that cool-looking, much less marzipan! I don’t think I even tasted marzipan until I was an adult.


  3. freebutfun

    I might be your antipole: Mum said the cake she made me on my 4th birthday was the last as I then announced loud enough that I do not like cakes. I actually don’t (with a few exceptions), they look awesome, make me want to try them and then… blaa. Definitively no cream or marzipan for me. From then on mum built me various worlds out of gingerbread for my birthday that often covered the whole table, there was a castle with walls around, a sea world racing track etc. Would you believe that I didn’t even have a “proper” wedding cake?!The one we had was out of ice cream, and then when celebrating the second time we had… tadaa.. a gingerbread world telling our story of how we met (made by my brother and his wife). And still: all the pics you send, they look so good!!!



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