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Toledo Twilight: Street Lamps At Sundown

I usually take my sunset shots in or around the historic centre of Toledo, where I live, but the modern parts of town aren’t entirely un-photogenic either at that enchanting time of day.

I snapped these last week as I came out of the supermarket:

Sunset & Street Lamps 1

Sunset & Street Lamps 2Sunset & Street Lamps 3I like the geometric shapes and the angles, also of the houses in the background. In daylight, it’s all rather drab and grey.

A few weeks ago, I took some pics of the concrete block behind me at the same location outside the supermarket. Despite the building’s inherent ugliness, the glass front produced some really intriguing reflections. Click here if you want to see it.

Look Up, Look Down: Contrails And More Lanterns

We’ve had some lovely blue skies in Toledo last week, so I couldn’t help but look up 🙂

El Salvador church in Toledo

El Salvador church, Toledo

And more contrails…Lantern, contrails

LanternGreen lampLinked to travelwithintent’s weekly Look Up, Look Down photo challenge.