May Day Spring Flower Walk (or, a bunch of weeds, with Toledo in the background)

Enjoying the bank holiday yesterday, my friend Sara and I went for a walk around Toledo. She kindly refrained from rolling her eyes when I stopped every five minutes to dig my camera out of the bottom of my bag. And so, today, I’ve got a handful of lovely snaps to post.

About half an hour after taking these, it suddenly started to piss down and we got soaked 😦

Toledo Spring Flowers

Toledo Spring Flowers

What’s it with those power lines?? Do they really need electricity on that flippin’ hill on the left, I ask you?!?

Toledo Spring Flowers


Toledo Spring Flowers

If you’d like to see another set of pictures of Toledo in spring, click here.


13 thoughts on “May Day Spring Flower Walk (or, a bunch of weeds, with Toledo in the background)

  1. northern_star

    Oh these ARE lovely! Especially the first one. And how very selfish of the hill on the left. They do not need electricity THAT badly.


  2. Expat Eye

    Totally unrelated but one of the searches that brought someone to my blog today was ‘living in Latvia blog do I need that cake?’ You’re a bad influence on me! Lovely pics by the way – but still no sun???


    1. ladyofthecakes Post author

      LOL. Don’t you sometimes wish you could write a one-liner reply to those searches… or even just one word? Like, in this case, “YESSSS!” ….you certainly need all the cake you can get if you live in Latvia.


      1. Expat Eye

        That would be great! We should write to wordpress and make this suggestion! And I just got another rent invoice so I don’t think there’s enough cake in the world!


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