The Weekly Don Quixote: Woman Trouble…

Not all is well between our friends. There’s been some discord. The cause…? A girl, of course.

I…I… I did not! How dare you promulgate such an uncouth falsehood! My lifeblood, my soul, my every breath are solely devoted to Dulcinea, I’ve no eyes for another!

But I saw you. I was there!

But I saw you. I was there.

So was I! You were both peering under her skirt, you dirty buggers, you!

So was I! You were both peeping under her skirt, you pair of dirty buggers! Besides, the local paparazzi caught you!

The Girl....

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11 thoughts on “The Weekly Don Quixote: Woman Trouble…

  1. Anna

    Oh my gosh! I think I might actually know where this was taken! Toward the entrance into the walled city, right? When coming from an out of town bus stop….(OMG fuzzy memories from 9 years ago)


      1. pollyheath

        It’s good since I don’t have to work at all! Pictures will of course be involved at some point.


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