Street Snaps: Pink, Pink Everywhere.

Another week, another rash of snaps from tourist trodden Toledo. We seem to be on a pink theme. Brace yourselves.

"I told you not to wolf whistle at the tourists bro! Now look what you've gotten us into. We're toast!!"

“I told you not to wolf whistle at the damn tourists, bro! Now look what you’ve gotten us into. We’re toast!!”

No caption could possibly add anything to this...

No caption in the world could possibly add anything to this…

And now, we come to our popular Couples’ Corner. Let’s start with these middle-aged Italian folks.

Couple pink wife

I like pink. I really do. But there is a limit. I hold the firm belief that if you stifle an 8-year-old girl’s pink phase, it’ll break out, with a vengeance, at some later point. Like any childhood disease, it’s much worse when it hits you as an adult. She’s probably got a sparkly tiara tucked into her handbag.
His outfit violently clashing with hers is not even worth a mention.

Right, let’s rest our weary eyes on this couple, where everything works:


Aw, just look at those two in perfect harmony. Her lovely dress with the paisley pattern featuring some pink, with his (albeit a tad more casual) outfit complementing hers. OK, I do have a slight weakness for guys in pink shirts…

Those of you who’ve been following Street Snaps since the beginning may remember that I’ve featured the Japanese lady below once before, but in a different context, on a different photo. But this is just such a great example of the disastrous consequences when SHE copies HIS wardrobe.

OK. Lady. This outfit works great on him... BUT NOT ON YOU!!!!

OK. Lady. The khaki pants and check shirt work great on him… BUT NOT ON YOU!!!!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! WTF are you?! One of Alice in Wonderland's magic mushrooms???

NAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHRGH! WTF are you?! An Alice in Wonderland magic mushroom???

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53 thoughts on “Street Snaps: Pink, Pink Everywhere.

  1. Anna

    I am actually loving the monochrome lady! Though I’d balance the outfit with light gray flats, a black&white snakeskin hobo, and silver men’s watch.

    This is really becoming a Toledo street-style blog!


      1. Anna

        LOLOLOLOL. I could live with all of it. In fact, I would love to. Good god, I could only imagine the commentary you’d have on my outfits, had you inadvertently caught me in your Street Snaps net…


  2. northern_star

    Oh thank GOD for that stylish Italian couple. You can always count on the Italians to put it all together beautifully.


  3. bevchen

    Urgh, I hate pink at the best of times but this… I have no words!!

    As for the paisly dress… are you sure it’s not wallpaper artfully draped to look like clothing?


      1. Anna

        >.< So….if you go to my 'About' page…all that pinkness in the background is actually the wall in my NYC apartment. And yes, I painted it that way!


      2. Anna

        Also, I love tights. Black, grey, navy, purple, mauve and lots and lots more black. And fleece-lined tights are a must here in winter.


      1. ladyofthecakes Post author

        I would be good fodder!
        I’ve got some holey white leggins in my smalls drawer that perfectly fits into the “what on Earth was she thinking??” category.


      2. Expat Eye

        My dad has several holey t-shirts that would go perfectly with those! He likes to dance back and forth past our front window in them – just for the laugh 😉


  4. gkm2011

    I like the all pink look. That is the only one that seems even a little European. The others – I don’t think the pink is the worst part of them. I personally like pink – wear it quite a bit, but I would hope I never approach the “don’t” level!



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