Look Up, Look Down: Convents, Lamps, Chaos

Here is this week’s entry for travelwithintent’s Look Up, Look Down photo challenge 🙂

The first pic is a former convent building just across the little square (Plaza Vicente) by my house:

Taken at sunset. I like the textures.

I like the textures and the wooden shutters

The one below features Toledo’s photogenic street lamps yet again! I just can’t help myself… The backdrop is the Alcázar, in case any of my local friends are wondering.

Street LampI was practicing my centering technique with these shots, not sure how successful that was…

To balance things out, here’s a complete higgledy piggledy mess replete with wires, aerials, air con units and satellite dishes, looking down from the Alcazár:

Toledo rooftops

Toledo rooftops

23 thoughts on “Look Up, Look Down: Convents, Lamps, Chaos

      1. Anna

        Have you noticed that we talk about ‘bits’ a whole lot on what is supposed to be a food, expat and language blog? 😛 NOT THAT I MIND!


      1. Anna

        I think a bunch of your readers needed a glass or more after that post. Of course I need to start my morning with one after finding out that Latvia is basically a quaint Florida retirement community compared to Russia. I mean, f*cking 13th from the bottom?


      2. Expat Eye

        Yeah, that’s pretty bad! Do you think it’s worse for old people in the city or in the middle of nowhere? I guess they can grow a lot of their own food etc if they’re in the countryside. And heat their own houses. At least that’s what they do here.


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