Only In Spain: A Trolley Load Of Trotters

So, yesterday morning, on my way to breakfast with the archaeologists, I passed by my local deli. And did a double take 😉

They were getting in a fresh supply of hams. Note the delivery guy with clipboard, his van’s just behind me.

Ham deliveryHere’s another pic, where you can actually see the interior of the shop, with the hams dangling above the counter.

Ham deliveryThere have been a lot of ham-themed posts lately… just can’t get away from them!

30 thoughts on “Only In Spain: A Trolley Load Of Trotters

      1. ladyofthecakes Post author

        Well, that in the trolley IS ham, well and truly. No binders, emulsifiers, nor reconstituted mechanically recovered meat. Which is what you’re eating, probably…


    1. Anna

      OMG, In Paris I lived right next to this bi-weekly farmer’s market and there were pheasants and rabbits hanging by their hind legs! So effing traumatic!


  1. con jamón spain

    Having had (M) a grandfather who used to suck the meat of jellied pigs trotters in London in the 60s, this doesn’t look so bad. We intend to visit a ‘pig place’ to see how they’re kept, what happens to them and so on. It may, of course, put us off jamon forever.


  2. Kim in Fiji

    The reason for buying them live is so that you know they are healthy. I came over to this post to look at the trotters, because it reminds me of my neighbors coming over for the chicken feet when we kill chickens.



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