Sea Urchin Sushi, Bollard Cozies & Chocolate Churros

Last Saturday, Olga, Carmen (my trusty partners in food crime) and I decided to flit off to Madrid for a sushi lunch and a mooch about la capital.

Said lunch was provided by a Japanese restaurant called Kokoro, a stylish but tiny place – you absolutely need to reserve a table. The food was simple, and out of this world.

The sashimi was so fresh, it didn't smell in the least bit fishy. And it just melted in your mouth... divine!

The sashimi was so fresh, it didn’t smell in the least bit fishy, and it just melted in your mouth… divine!

Sea urchin sushi. We were told they were in season right now and not to be missed. I don't much appreciate the texture, but Olga and Carmen had to try it.

Sea urchin sushi. We were told the tiny spiny creatures were in season right now and not to be missed. I don’t much appreciate the texture, so I declined, but Olga and Carmen decided to go for it.

A bollard with a knitted cozy. Is it feeling the cold...? Were people stubbing their toes on it...? No. turns out, they (there were three of them)  were right outside a knitshop who hijacked them for advertising purposes.

A metal bollard enveloped in a knitted cozy. Is the poor wee thing feeling the cold…? Do people keep stubbing their toes on it…?
No. Turns out, the bollard was right outside a knit shop, who hijacked it for advertising purposes.

Well, this is just the kind of guerrilla advertising that I like 😉 Next up is the kind I detest. Some of you may have heard about this, but it’s so scandalous, I feel impelled to make the point.

You see it?!?

You see it?!?

In June this year, Madrid’s ‘Sol’ metro station, located right in the city centre at Puerta Del Sol, sold out to British mobile phone giant Vodafone for €3 million. It was duly renamed ‘Vodafone Sol’. Also, (metro) Line 2, traditionally depicted on metro maps in the colour red (which happens to be the colour of Vodafone’s logo), became ‘Linea 2 Vodafone’.

Needless to say, this move was and is(!) deeply unpopular. It’s one thing to sponsor a sporting event that otherwise wouldn’t have happened, and plaster your name all over it, but adveraping (I just made that word up – reckon it’ll catch on…?) the heart of a capital city is just beyond the pale 😦 What’s it going to be next? The Krispy Kremlin?!

Moving on to cheerier things… a food market!

Christmas lights

Christmas decorations were up 🙂

A pile of enormous loaves

A pile of crusty loaves the size of a four-year-old

A fresh batch of churros is being scooped out of the hot fat.

A fresh batch of churros being scooped from the hot fat.

And here they are, all crispy and succulent

Here they are, in all their crispy, grease-infused glory.

You want yours dipped in chocolate? No problem!

Prefer yours dipped in chocolate? No problem!

Worried about your arteries clogging up? Just let it go…

...because, as this window of an Irish bar proclaims, "Enjoy life without fear - there's plenty of time to be dead"

…because, as this window (of an evidently Irish) bar proclaims, “Enjoy life without fear – there’s plenty of time to be dead”


21 thoughts on “Sea Urchin Sushi, Bollard Cozies & Chocolate Churros

  1. Anna

    So many thoughts and feelingses!
    First of all, I cannot believe my sacred, touristy, dirty, fabulous, clubby, souveniry, kinda-dangerous-by-night-but-totally-not, Irish-pub-heaven Sol got defiled like this! I object!!! I lived at Sol on Friday and Saturday nights! I want to cry right now.
    As a media professional, I want to know whether anyone at V (will NOT spell out the name) wondered if this kind of ‘campaign’ will attract such negative word of mouth that it will actually hurt the brand. This is really disgusting.

    Onto the good.
    All that beautiful raw fish just brought me to a big O. It’s basically the opposite of what sushi is like in Russia. And then that beautiful bread…let’s just say – multiples 😉

    PS – I wish I was kidding. My heart is still beating at an unhealthy rate looking at those food photos.


    1. ladyofthecakes Post author

      Re V’s branding strategy – my thoughts exactly. You cannot be forcing it down people’s throats like that.

      Glad I got your heart racing… at least I still do it for someone 😉


  2. Expat Eye

    Ah, you’ve got to love the Irish (bars)!
    Ugh, anything tiny and spiny is definitely not for me… Churros though, yes! Yes, yes, yes 😉 And that metro sellout – adveraping indeed. That is totally going to catch on! 🙂


  3. tobyo

    first: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! how could they do that to the metro in Sol?!?!?!?! omg, omg, omg. beyond the pale indeed. bad enough we have every sports stadium named for some corporation, now this??? I’m glad it’s unpopular. maybe it can be reversed?

    love the sushi photos. I want some now. oh, yum. love that last photo. it’s so true you know? plenty of time to be dead indeed. heh.


  4. Neil Gratton

    I like to dunk my own churros 🙂

    I was last in Madrid in a very cold February, and this is the first I’ve heard of the V_____ thing with Sol and line 2. Moderately disgusted. It would be enough to make me boycott the company’s goods and services, but I don’t use them anyway!


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