Weighty Matters

All good things come to an end. After nearly a month in glorious Key West being pampered by my friends, I’ve crashed back down onto the cold hard Earth that is wintry central Spain. The 20 degrees temperature difference sure feels a tad harsh to my overtired, travel weary body right now 😦

As much as the return journey sucked by virtue of being, well, a return journey, approaching London, we were greeted by this stunning sunrise, served on a bed of whipped cream clouds:

London Sunrise c;

It’s always a huge relief when, after two plane changes, your bleary eyes catch sight of your luggage jittering towards you on the conveyor belt. Mine had an interesting tag on it:

I'm wasn't the only one who'd gained weight on this trip, evidently!

My long-suffering suitcase has officially been declared a health hazard. Evidently, I wasn’t the only one who’d been piling on the pounds on this sojourn!

When I arrived in Key West on January 8th, my bag was about two thirds full, weighing 36lbs. This included a contraband 4-pound Manchego cheese, which my friends managed to gobble up with gusto in two weeks flat.

I was sooo determined not to overdo it with the shopping this time. All I actually needed was some sensible underwear (very cheap in the US!), which weighs just about as much as a bag of cotton balls, right?! It dawned on me that I’d failed in my mission when I was trying to cram all the accumulated junk into my straining suitcase an hour before my departure.

When I plonked the lumpy bloater down at the check-in counter,  the scales groaned under a succulent 53lbs. How did this happen?!? Luckily, Key West is one of the most laid-back places on Earth, and the nice man didn’t charge me for the excess. Phew!

I’ve a feeling that unpacking this monster – an onerous task that I’m saving for tomorrow – will be much less toil than shifting the excess blubber on my midriff…

In fact, I feel like this right now:

No, it's not a giant floating haggis, but a 9ft manatee feeding by my friends' houseboat a couple of days ago.

No, it’s not a giant floating haggis, but a 9ft manatee feeding by my friends’ neighbours’ houseboat a couple of days ago.

I really need to go to bed…





33 thoughts on “Weighty Matters

  1. bevchen

    Welcome back! My suitcase got a “heavy” label on it at Christmas – it as still within KLM’s weight limit, but they use the hevy tag on anything over 20kg. It’s a health and safety thing.


  2. Anna

    1-I want a pet manatee!
    2-What exactly did you buy? I’m guessing more than some sensible undies 😉 I am going to FL with just a carry-on, but bringing an extra bag with me!


    1. ladyofthecakes Post author

      I think you should stick to cute dogs of the non-nippy variety. I’ve got a post coming up featuring Princess Pugsy, you’ll love it 😉

      I’m totally baffled. I bought some summery dresses, which I won’t be able to wear here for months… I’ll tell you once I’ve unpacked, lol.


      1. Andean

        Gracias. Esta riquísimo…

        When I go away it can become too short of a dream. It’s nice to have posts and photos to make sure it’s more 🙂


      2. Andean

        No. Just a reader who lives vicariously through them. 🙂
        But I do take tons of photos my on vacations to remember I was really there.


  3. Jackie Cangro

    I’ve never mastered the art of packing. I usually try to stuff waaaayyy too much into my small suitcase because I mistakenly believe that if I bring the small suitcase I’ll be forced to bring only the essentials. It never works..
    Welcome home. Sounds like you had a fantastic trip!


    1. ladyofthecakes Post author

      It’s such a tempting rationale… if only we could make it work! Matters helped my my friend stopping by the Salvation Armani every day and buying me stuff, like a silk skirt for three dollars. She’s got a very good eye, and she gets me to try things I’d never choose myself, but which end up suiting me.


  4. June

    When I came back from the US (after 6 months of accumulation!) the airline wouldn’t said my back was too heavy. I offered to pay a surcharge but they told be I’d have to buy a seat for it! I spent 30 minutes down on the floor of the check-in lounge selecting items to discard. They did, eventually, let it on the plane – with a nice little “heavy” tag like yours. At least it made it home!
    My heart bleeds for you suffering 20 degrees. I presume that’s plus 20? Try minus 20 – now THAT’S cold!!! Welcome home!


    1. ladyofthecakes Post author

      Well, it was 28 degrees over there when I left and 8 degrees when I arrived here here…

      It’s very arbitrary with those airlines, and it depends on who happens to be manning the desk. Boo to having toss stuff out, that can’t have been a nice experience for you 😦


    1. ladyofthecakes Post author

      I was 🙂 Well, I wasn’t all that much over the limit, only 3lbs, I could have shifted some of that into my hand luggage. Glad I didn’t have to do that, though, it’s such a faff!
      It’s freezing here this morning. Just been out for a coffee, and the wind chilled me to my bones!


      1. Marianne

        It’s 9C here, cloudy and wet. I can’t see anything except the garden – all the mountains and the sea are obscured by low cloud.

        I’m having a duvet day!


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