Green Parrot Spotted Cavorting With White Chicken!

The Green Parrot Bar on Whitehead Street in Key West is surely one of the world’s most famous bars, probably because it was Hemingway’s favourite boozer. His house was (and still is) only a drunken stumble away on the same road.

Here are a couple of pics I took back in January:

I'm not entirely sure why the parrot was balancing a chicken on its head that day...

I’m not entirely sure why the parrot was balancing a chicken on its head that day… nor am I in the know about the snivelling prohibition.

Bar sign

Green Parrot Sign

Hemingway’s other favourite hangout was Sloppy Joe’s – also a bar, surprise, surprise! I didn’t take a photo, but I do have a pic of one of its urinals. Hemingway pinched it while the bar was moving to a different location. His reasoning was that he had surely pissed enough money into the receptacle to claim ownership.

Urinal water fountain

Sloppy Joe’s urinal, turned into a fountain by Hemingway. It still gushes away merrily on the grounds of his house, where it serves as a giant water bowl for the descendants of his beloved six-toed cats. His wife hated it…

[If you would like to see a post on those lovely furry purry creatures, click here.]

34 thoughts on “Green Parrot Spotted Cavorting With White Chicken!

    1. ladyofthecakes Post author

      One??? I had to step carefully as not to trip over them when I was there 😉

      Yes, I saw that room… I want one like that. With a cat snoozing in a chair by the window.


  1. Anna

    I love this. Once again, I wish I hit up the beach bar scene a bit more in Ft Laud, but I did find a Parrot bar of my own! (World Famous Parrot! 😛 )


  2. Kristin

    That’s some bizarre stuff…
    I used to spend a lot of money in my favourite bar in Hamburg, but they never named anything after me let alone erect a fountain in my favourite stall… They did go out of business, though, after I left town.


      1. Kristin

        True, but I cut back my Mai Tai consumption. I don’t deserve a fountain anymore… But maybe I could gold-plate an almond croissant from the patisserie next door.


      2. ladyofthecakes Post author

        Oooooh, almond croissants… for some reason, they’ve not arrived in Spain yet. Well, not properly. Surprising, seeing as they are the home of almonds and marzipan.


  3. joannesisco

    I think I would have to side with Hemingway’s wife on this one. As much as I like quirky stuff, I draw the line at a urinal fountain. I guess it’s from growing up with 2 older brothers 🙂



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