Food Industry Ads: Meat Couture…?

When I posted my seminal collection of questionable food industry ads last week, I hadn’t yet come across this little gem:


They’ve decapitated Miss Piggy!!! And feeling mighty proud of it, too…

Any educated guesses as to what that white de-limbed specimen in the back might be will be most gratefully received. A cat crossed with a bleached zebra is where I got to.

All that’s missing for a bit of glamour is a headless chicken strutting across the red carpet…

Please, Belgians, please, I’m begging you, stick to making ads about chocolate.

[If you (dis)like this, here is a link to my previous post Food Industry Ads: – It’s A Parallel Universe!]


21 thoughts on “Food Industry Ads: Meat Couture…?

      1. Anna

        first I was like, that’s too small for a cow. but then I remembered that they make tortured baby cows too (thank you, South Park). I don’t like veal.


  1. Jenna

    I am ashamed to admit that the first thing I thought of, before reading the title and only looking at the picture, was “Oh dear, the Spanish really love their phallic ads….”



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