Dachau Palace Gardens… and CAKE!

I’ve already prepared you in the last post that the objective of our family trip to Dachau a couple of weekends ago had less to do with enjoying the (unashamedly pretty) historic town, and everything to do with gluttony.

Dachau Palace, which overlooks the town, harbours a cracking café that attracts audiences from far and wide with the most delectable cakes imaginable.

First though, let’s take a quick stroll through the beautiful palace gardens, resplendent not only with magnificent flowers, but also laden with sumptuous fruit at this time of year.

View from the gardens
Palace and fountainPath with flowersPlant close-upOrchardRoseApple treesBunte BlumenPathPurple flowers

Wedding Cake

This wedding cake was being wheeled about when we arrived at the café. Afterwards, as we strolled through the town centre, we spotted a wedding party emerging from the local church. For all appearances, the groom was a local boy, and the bride Chinese. The cake, which is quite obviously theirs, seems to confirm this 🙂

Wedding Table

One of the ‘wedding tables’


Yellow Cake


Unfortunately, cakes never photograph well through the glass display counters, and these pics are the only ones that turned out (sort of) OK. There were so many more delicious creations… sigh.


38 thoughts on “Dachau Palace Gardens… and CAKE!

  1. TheLastWord

    That last cake looks pretty darn good and I’m not even the cake eating type ( and not into cats either, so what exactly do we have in common? )

    Those flowers! That garden! I want a garden like that! Unfortunately, I’m a confirmed weed and much grower. 😦


  2. Kim in Fiji

    thought 1: I’m so glad they allowed you to photograph the gardens so we got great photos, not sneaky side ones., and
    thought 2: You didn’t order any cake? I was waiting for the photo of your plate!


      1. NancyTex

        You may not need to wait that long. The combination of focusing most of my energy on this renovation + that lovely time of the month has not meant a lot of hardcore workouts this week.


  3. Andean

    I’ll take the slice with the meringue topping, and berries. And I would like a table with the red and white rose in a glass vase….yum


    1. ladyofthecakes Post author

      You are not invited. Neither was I 😉

      But I’d gladly buy you a slice of cake as consolation. And the ‘normal’ tables still had nice table cloths and quite posh “garnishes” on them.


  4. Jackie Cangro

    I love that wedding cake. Enough with the white frosting and boring vanilla cake. Give me some chocolate with red berries on top. This is one smart couple.

    I suppose I should say something nice about the lovely flowers, etc. etc. but I can’t think of anything now that I’ve seen those cakes. Were all of those cakes for the wedding? Don’t tell me you didn’t eat any of them?!



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