Fürstenfeld Abbey… and more CAKE!

Fürstenfeldbruck, where I was born when bushy beards and flouncy flares were in fashion all at the same time, has its small town charms, but it’s definitely not a tourist town. There’s nothing to see. Except for this: Fürstenfeld Abbey.

The story, served up in twitterian brevity: In 1256, some Bavarian Duke executed his wife for adultery. Then it turned out she didn’t do it. Oooops. Too late to fix it with flowers, so he built a massive monastery instead.

Usually, the portals to the Abbey’s church are shut, or they only let you in as far as the iron-wrought interior gates, but, much to my delight, this time, the church was open to all. As you’ll see, it’s really quite… overwhelming. There’s not a square inch that hasn’t got stucco/gold leaf/a fat angel clinging to it.

The BEST thing about this place, though, is the restaurant. The food is (and always has been) absolutely fabulous, and it’s very reasonably priced.

Fürstenfeld Abbey Church, ExteriorFürstenfeld Abbey 4Fürstenfeld Abbey 3Fürstenfeld Abbey 2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFürstenfeld Abbey Wrought IronOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And this was my lunch:


Delicious veal rissoles smothered in pepper sauce with spätzle (tiny flour ‘dumplings’ that are kind of like pasta). It was really quite picante, and I loved every bite!


Zwetschgendatschi – very traditional and seasonal. The plums are quartered and arranged on a yeast dough base, which isn’t actually sweet, and which really brings out the flavour of the fruit.

If you’d like to see a handful of pictures of my birth town, click here. There’s ice cream! ;-)




Dachau Palace Gardens… and CAKE!

I’ve already prepared you in the last post that the objective of our family trip to Dachau a couple of weekends ago had less to do with enjoying the (unashamedly pretty) historic town, and everything to do with gluttony.

Dachau Palace, which overlooks the town, harbours a cracking café that attracts audiences from far and wide with the most delectable cakes imaginable.

First though, let’s take a quick stroll through the beautiful palace gardens, resplendent not only with magnificent flowers, but also laden with sumptuous fruit at this time of year.

View from the gardens
Palace and fountainPath with flowersPlant close-upOrchardRoseApple treesBunte BlumenPathPurple flowers

Wedding Cake

This wedding cake was being wheeled about when we arrived at the café. Afterwards, as we strolled through the town centre, we spotted a wedding party emerging from the local church. For all appearances, the groom was a local boy, and the bride Chinese. The cake, which is quite obviously theirs, seems to confirm this :)

Wedding Table

One of the ‘wedding tables’


Yellow Cake


Unfortunately, cakes never photograph well through the glass display counters, and these pics are the only ones that turned out (sort of) OK. There were so many more delicious creations… sigh.

Our Bavarian Town Quest Continues: Dachau

Dachau is a beautiful Bavarian town with cobbled streets and pretty houses. It’s only a 15 minute drive from my village along scenic country roads, and last Saturday afternoon, bro took me and our mum there for a little outing. I hadn’t been to Dachau in absolutely ages!


Dachau View

Dachau Haus 1

Dachau shop window

I love that window for being so typically Bavarian in a town that’s not particularly touristy. But the comma in that notice (“Free beer tomorrow”), which totally shouldn’t be there, irks me! I am a stickler…

Dachau Red HouseDachau - Virgin Mary

Beware of the dog

“Beware of the CONSCIENTIOUS dog”.


The fair was in town :)

The fair was in town :)

Dachau Fair

Now, the real reason for the Dachau trip was to get stuck into some good cake… more on that in the next post :)

Bavarian August Flowers

I have to admit it. Last year, I went a bit crazy with flower photos. This year, I tried really hard to contain myself. But now my resolve is crumbling… Bavaria is all lush and green and in full bloom this month, and now that I’m back in dry-as-a-crisp Toledo, I feel an overwhelming compulsion to drape some cheery blossoms over my blog…

Pink flowers


OK… not technically flowers… but pretty and fluffy :)

Pink flowers 2


 Phew, I feel a lot better already :)

Addictions, Great and Small

Let me present to you the vending machine facilities of my tiny Bavarian village:

Yes - a cigarette and a gumball machine :)

A cigarette dispenser and a gumball machine

I was so surprised to still find them there, side by side, after almost four decades(!). I’m especially tickled by the gumball machine – it’s seemingly the very same one I cranked my plastic rings and other choking hazards out of in the 70’s. Oh, happy childhood memories… Luckily, I never graduated to its sinister big brother ;-)


The Last Bavarian Breakfast…

I’ve left Bavaria’s green meadows and mossy woods behind and I’m back in the furnace that is Toledo. And it’s not a second too early to start reminiscing about the food… I won’t be having this for brekkie tomorrow, that much I know :(

OK... technically, this was Monday's breakfast with my mum and aunt in a lovely restaurant. It's just that this morning's bread and cheese affair wasn't very exciting ;-)

OK… technically, this was Monday’s breakfast (with my mum and aunt) in a lovely restaurant. It’s just that this morning’s bread and cheese affair before setting off to the airport wasn’t very exciting ;-)

Breakfast 2

In the afternoon, I had this with my friend Martina...VOLCANO ICE CREAM!

Monday afternoon, once breakfast had subsided a bit, I had this with my friend Martina…VOLCANO ICE CREAM!

Ooooooh, ice cream… Spain is crap at ice cream, did I mention that?! Sigh.

Rainy Regensburg. And Skewered Sausages.

Last Wednesday, mum and I took a trip to Regensburg, another very old and splendid Bavarian town. Things didn’t look very promising when we set off. According to the weather forecast, Regensburg would live up to its name: “Regen” means “rain” in German. (Regen is also the name of a river that flows through the town, which is how it got its name).

In the end, the weather wasn’t too bad, although you’ll notice a distinct lack of blue sky in the photos.

The flowers held up pretty well

The flowers held up pretty well

Perfect weather for snails :)

Perfect weather for snails :)

...and man eating fish

…and man-eating fish

man eating fish 2

Street and umbrellaTower and brollyChickensRegensburg streetRegensburg Arch

Regensburg Mural

Time for a food break :) Question: What do you do when you can’t decide which kind of sausage to have..?

Answer: You order them ALL!

Answer: You order them ALL! On a skewer, so they can’t get away.


"Sauerbraten" - Beef (which has been marinated overnight), potato dumplings and red cabbage.

“Sauerbraten” – Beef (which has been marinated overnight), potato dumplings and red cabbage. It’s a traditional Bavarian dish, and this incarnation was just PERFECT.


A pretty café

A pretty café


Love the daisies :)


Regensburg's Gothic Cathedral is world famous. I didn't like it much from the inside, far too dark and dingy, although the painted glass windows are amazing, admittedly.

Regensburg’s Gothic Cathedral is world famous. You can’t miss the spires poking out from behind the town houses. I didn’t like it much from the inside, far too dark and dingy, although the painted glass windows are amazing, admittedly.

These next few pictures are from the Church of St Emmeram, which looks fairly unassuming from the outside.

St Emmeram Entrance

St Emmeram 1

From the inside, however…!

St Emmeram Ceiling

St Emmeram Organ

St Emmeram Wooden Ceiling

Painted wooden ceiling, which came out very dark, so I lightened it and enhanced the colours slightly.

St Emmeram gate

Acupuncture - already popular in the dark ages...

Acupuncture – already popular in the dark ages…

OK, that’s it.

Wait… something’s missing… what could that be…? Oh oh, I remember – CAKE!

Poppy seed strudel!!! Actually, I had that before we ever got to Regensburg. Due to a 5-minute delay of the connecting train, we saw our train pull out of the station just as we got there. So we consoled ourselves with cake while waiting for the next one :)

Poppy seed strudel!!!
Actually, I scoffed that before we ever got to Regensburg. Due to a 5-minute delay in our train connection, we saw our train pull out of the station just as we arrived. So we consoled ourselves with coffee & cake while waiting for the next one :)