Fowl Friday

Here are couple of shots I took last weekend of a group of geese on the shore of the Tagus, and two ducks zipping along its choppy waters.

GeeseDucksI love ducks, but I have a bit of unprocessed childhood trauma when it comes to geese… memories of being held captive by a fierce gaggle of them while up on a neighbour’s plum tree. Where I shouldn’t have been in the first place, admittedly.

22 thoughts on “Fowl Friday

  1. Debbie

    They do say geese make excellent guard “dogs”! I have childhood memories of them too. I had to pass one goose regularly on a Saturday morning as I rode my horse from his field to his stable, and the goose would always come out to give chase. Poor Smokey (my horse) was even more frightened than me!


  2. Lynda

    I am particularly partial to geese. These are wonderful photographs! I love my Polly and Frellnick!

    On the other hand… Georgie is the goose from hell, and proud of it. He has no trouble biting, or should that be pinching, the hand (leg, butt, husbands jewels, etc) that feeds him! Thanksgiving is going to be particularly tasty this year. Mmm… smoked goose! 😉



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