It’s A Dog’s Life In Key West

Key West is a dog lover’s paradise. Pooches of all breeds and sizes are being paraded around, often in hilarious outfits. We were sitting outside a cafe at lunchtime yesterday when these two rolled up:

Note the cool shades...

Note the übercool shades…! The girl (I guess it’s a girl coz of the blue bow on her head), was firmly in charge of The Ball. They sat there for a good 20 mins on their scooter, not moving an inch, until…

...the owner returned with a slice of pizza for them. He's about to give them a drink :)

…their owner returned with a slice of pizza for them. He’s about to give them a drink 🙂

22 thoughts on “It’s A Dog’s Life In Key West

  1. Kristin

    At first I thought they looked like reincarnations of Paris Hilton and whatever Flossie might be her BFF. But then – the Parisssses of this world probably never have pizza, right?
    Well, I am glad those two are leading the good life. They should start a blog about dog fashion.


  2. Anthony Lawrence

    My name is Anthony Lawrence…and thats me and my gyrlz..FeFe, the mom and Kensleigh…her daughter.
    Alas..we are no longer in kw…housing just got to be tooo much…so we’re back home in Cleveland Ohio…but it was our pleasure bringing smiles to the folks living in and passing through kw…we will miss it…but we will be visit friends for sure!!!

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    1. ladyofthecakes Post author

      Aw, hi Anthony, how nice to hear from you! I remember you (and your girls, of course!) whizzing round on your motorbike 😉 I’ve not been back to KW in three and a bit years, but I also hope to be back there visiting my friends! Thanks again for stopping by, and for providing such fantastic blog material. Your girls sure got a lot of hits 😉



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