Tapas On A Winning Streak!

All good things must come to an end, as did Toledo’s annual tapas competition, which drew to a close last Sunday. For the entire month of November, local bars and restaurants had been showcasing a new breed of extravagant tapas, specially created for this year’s contest. (Yes, there were voting slips, prize draws and stuff!)

I have no idea how many different creations I tried throughout my innumerable outings,  as there were A LOT of participants this year. Anyway, here are some of the highlights:


Pork balls. Very satisfying 🙂

Alfonso VI

Sliver of fried pork with sauteed vegetables on bread, topped with raisin sauce. Looked better than it tasted, was our combined verdict.


Puff pastry filled with seafood. The white stringy things, in case you’re wondering, are baby eels (gulas). These are very popular on tapas, and can take a bit of getting used to.

Lamb burger

One of my absolute faves: lamb topped with caramelised onion and manchego cheese, served  on a curry bun


Octopus with cauliflower mousse and coffee vinaigrette. This place has a knack for the outlandish, and it usually works, but this time, it didn’t. It really didn’t. Pretty to look at, though.

Cheese tapa

Now, what could go wrong with a tapa entirely consisting of cheese? I tell you what: Absolutely nothing. Gimme more!

Foie gras oreo

Foie gras “Oreos” filled with manchego mousse

Foie gras truffle

More foie, this time in the shape of a truffle. You were meant to mix it with the bread crumbs. Interesting concept, but it was a bit like eating lard mixed with sand.

Beef stew

A dollop of beef stew on sliced potato. Simple and delicious.


Rabbit, fancily “rolled up” and drizzled with chestnut compote. Divine! This may have been my overall favourite.


I’m the only one with her eyes trained on the food rather than on the camera… typical!














71 thoughts on “Tapas On A Winning Streak!

    1. ladyofthecakes Post author

      Now, at this point, I must confess that I…erm…”augmented” the cheese tapa a bit. There was no way they’d dole out that much heavenly cheese for just €2, which was the price of each of these tapas.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. June

        I actually like cold Christmases – they’re more traditional to me. Januaries, however, are dark, depressing months – I’d be seriously tempted to head off then!


  1. roughseasinthemed

    Now, even if I wasn’t vegetarian, in the height of my carnivorous days, they would have done nothing for me. Trouble is, there are some good basic tapas that can’t be beaten. Jamón, pimientos asados, tortilla with the wild asparagus etc. oh, and the humble olive.


  2. Jackie Cangro

    These tapas look like works of art. The chefs certainly pull out all the stops to win this competition.
    Last week I ordered a cheese plate for an appetizer. Nothing wrong with that. Absolutely not! I hope you had some Manchego on your plate. My favorite!


  3. linnetmoss

    Looks like it was all about meat, except for that mouthwatering plate of (augmented) cheeses. The picture of you is LOL! Like you’re gazing down Clooney’s knickers 🙂


  4. camparigirl

    Thank you. You just whet my appetite for an early lunch. Only a meager potato pie waiting in the kitchen while I wouldn’t mind that puff pastry thingie filled with seafood.


  5. prior

    oh my was this fun – eel slivers, raisin sauce – and more… the one you left me really wanting to try was the “lamb topped with caramelised onion and manchego cheese, served on a curry bun” I normally do not like caramelized onions, but recently had them and I think I might now… ha! aging… lol


  6. Charlotte Steggz

    In Japan there are things similar to those baby eels. But they dry them and roll them in salt for a snack to eat with beer.

    You should put a warning on this post – not to be read unless you have just eaten!!


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