45 thoughts on “A White Christmas After All!

  1. pollyheath

    Not bad! We got about a foot of snow where we are on Christmas Eve/Christmas so it was perfect! Hope you had a lovely, relaxing holiday.


  2. heatherinde

    Aw, your snow looks so much nicer than our snow! We’ve got about an inch now but it’s pretty solidly gray here. Sounds like we have to head south… are any of those cookies left?? 😉


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  4. Bernard O'Shea

    As an African-born Australian, I don’t know how you live in these conditions. I’ve only experienced one European winter, a few days in Paris when it snowed a lot compared to the norm. Walking down the streets, whenever I passed a bar, it made me want to go inside and have a nice Pernod or maybe a red wine. I think a winter would play havoc with my waistline or my alcohol intake. On the other hand, here it is so hard to get into the Christmas spirit when it is so bloody hot and humid!

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