A Happy New Year… From Narnia!

After days on end of snow, icy winds and grey skies, I could barely believe it when I pulled upΒ the shutters this morning: 2015 got off to a dazzling start.

Not my handiwork, but perfect for a New Year's Day pic :)

Not my handiwork, but perfect for a New Year’s Day pic πŸ™‚

A walk in the woods was in order, to test out my new boots. Although snow shoes might have been a better choice. I had some fun with the camera, trying to catch the sunlight peeking through the trees.


Wald 1



Wald 2


Wald 5

Wald 4

Still with me? Let’s finish off with a nice brekkie πŸ™‚



78 thoughts on “A Happy New Year… From Narnia!

    1. ladyofthecakes Post author

      My mum certainly got a good workout… she’s got a bit of a cleaning compulsion and can’t pass a tree without shaking the snow off the lower branches. She got some of it down her neck, which she didn’t enjoy, lol.


      1. adamf2011

        Some things you can’t get in photos, like the feel of the cold in your nostrils, and the smell of the snow. I’ve always liked winter, I just haven’t had a proper one in several years.


  1. Kim in Fiji

    I was enjoying the photos in the woods – a lot …. but then I started thinking, “Where’s the FOOD?” πŸ™‚ You did not disappoint. I am so happy to be able to coast behind on the joy you coax out of every situation. Hug hug hug.

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  2. camparigirl

    The photos of your last four posts are amazing (yes, they do include the cookies). Quite remarkably, I got to see the snow in the California desert this year. We are still freezing our asses off but I suppose it made for a more European Christmas. Happy New Year!

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  3. yprior1

    it did feel like narnia – truly a winter wonderland and I love all the different angles and light reflections you give us – and of course some viddles at the end to warm up with… mmmm
    happy new year!


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  5. Kim G

    Simone, you have such a lovely photographic eye. I’m quite envious.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where the snow made it difficult to go out and get pictures of snow.


      1. Kim G

        Last night we got another 2.9″ to bring us to an all-time record of 109.something, or nearly nine feet of snow.

        We were only forecast to get a half-inch, so they didn’t salt the roads, which resulted in a somewhat crazy drive back from the store last night. Fortunately, no mishaps.


      2. Kim G

        Actually, a fair bit has melted in the last two weeks, the couple inches last night notwithstanding. And the house has a tallish foundation, so it’s well off the ground, more so in the front than the back.

        But a couple of weeks ago, I did dig a trench behind the house to keep the snow from touching the foundation as I didn’t want water damage or water in the basement. Initially the trench looked rather dramatic, but it has now melted enough that it doesn’t look so severe any more. Saludos. K


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