The Key Lime Pie Reviews: Six Toed Cat

I can’t possibly make an appearance in the Florida Keys without lavishing due attention onto the number one food item that the Keys are famous for: The legendary Key Lime Pie.

The tangy creation features not just on the menu of every restaurant and every coffee shop on the islands, but, I’d venture to stipulate, is a mandatory dessert offering in every eatery in the whole of Florida. There is even a rash of shops solely dedicated to Key lime pie.

My first official Key lime pie tasting took place at the Six Toed Cat on Whitehead Street in Key West, just a couple of houses down from Ernest Hemingway’s place*.

Six Toed Cats Cafe

And here is the star of the show:

Key Lime Pie

So, how was it for me…?

Well, this pie was tasty, creamy and bursting with zest, though I found the texture extremely dense and heavy. Now, I don’t often say this about a dessert… but I’d quite happily have shared this with someone. Also, it was cloyingly sweet. The food is generally very sweet in the US, much sweeter than European palates are accustomed to, even your standard supermarket loaf tastes more cake than bread.

Rating: I’ll give this one 2 out of 5.

[*Here’s my post on Hemingway’s six-toed cats!]

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47 thoughts on “The Key Lime Pie Reviews: Six Toed Cat

  1. June

    Only 2 out of 5?! Was it a poor example, do you think, or typical of the genre? I’ve never had Key Lime Pie but I LOVE Lemon Meringue Pie – any comparison?


    1. ladyofthecakes Post author

      According to what my friend says, it’s typical. However, there IS a place here where it’s more like lemon meringue pie, I had it last year, and I really enjoyed it. It will feature on the appraisals, lol.


      1. Language Boat

        Yes, true, but they make less-sweet versions of many western desserts like cakes, cookies, and pies. Western food is very on trend here. I still can’t get used to sweet beans and some of the other “treats” though.


      1. Expat Eye

        I never thought I’d hear you say that! 🙂 I wonder if the cafe is owned by a Latvian – they’re famed for having 6 toes in this part of the world… 😉


  2. Anna

    WHOA, Cake Lady not impressed! I must say, Key Lime pie is fairly ubiquitous on dessert menus across the US and yet I had never tried it bc I absolutely hate lime flavor and any kind of zest to my desserts unless it’s a traditional berry pie (European-style: lots of bread, a bit of berry filling). Hm…I need to make a menu for my Florida vaca…


  3. Jackie Cangro

    Hmm. A disappointing key lime pie. Also I could do without the “stuff” on top. I like my key lime pie naked. 🙂 There should be a law…
    Yes, do try the ones that are more like merengue rather than pudding. Those are my favorites.


  4. suej

    Well, I prefer a more tangy tart, and just made Madame Cartet’s Lemon Tart, recipe posted by Roger over at Food, Photography and France. It was divine! I made it for friends that are coming to me tomorrow, and had the sense to make a mini one for me to eat for lunch today… At least I can tell my friends it’s good!


  5. Every Day Adventures in Asia

    I’m also in the ‘tangy’ not ‘sweet’ camp… Which is many of the sweets in India put me into diabetic shock!?

    I’ve had variations on the “key lime pie” theme that were more in the ‘tart’ category – yum!

    Let your quest continue!!


  6. wannabe polyglot

    Ah yes, story of my life. Everything here is so cloyingly sweet and rich and just blergh! They have no clue about dessert, three pounds of sugar and a can of *sweetened* so called whip cream does not make a dessert.
    Thank heavens for the German bakery down the road!


  7. restlessjo

    I guess I missed something! I just commented on you in Lisbon. You jumped ship! 🙂
    Funnily enough I just had my very first ever Key Lime Pie in Tavira last week and it was delicious! I’ve always avoided it in supermarkets and the like cos it looks obnoxious, but I liked this one 🙂 Happy travels!


  8. camparigirl

    The first time I went to Florida I was with sofa girl and I promptly discovered key lime pie. I spent the entire vacation, every day in Miami and the Keys, finishing every meal with a slice of it. I still like – although not to that insane degree – provided it’s not too sweet.


  9. everywherebuthome

    Mongolians like their sweets very, very sweet. And their coffee, and their tea… the fact that I took sugar in neither made no sense to them.

    Though they do like aarts and aarts-flavored ice cream and cakes, and aarts is stomach-acid sour…



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