The Key Lime Pie Reviews: Key West Cakes

This charming little cake shop on White Street is all about cupcakes and shabby chic.

DecorKey West Cakes SignBlack boardRainbow cup cakeOrange cup cakes

And of course they do Key lime pie:


The verdict: A perfectly respectable specimen. Crumb thin and without a trace of sogginess, the filling was light with a satisfying mouth feel, albeit just a tad too tart for me to reach cakegasm. Loved the fluorescent faux lime slice perched on top, gobbled that up with gusto 🙂

My rating: 4 out of 5.

Vicky had this little guava cream tart. Very pretty, but waaaaay to sickly sweet.

Vicky had this little guava cream tart. Very pretty, but waaaaay to sickly sweet.

Missed the other reviews? Here they are:

And if you want to know how my cake obsession started, click here. [Warning – contains hideous photographs of 70’s and 80’s fashion].

48 thoughts on “The Key Lime Pie Reviews: Key West Cakes

      1. Expat Eye

        Hog 😉 Everything there looks so cheery and colourful and just downright perfect! Is their English alright? Do you think they could benefit from a teacher? Or is it possible to make a living just from writing Key Lime Pie reviews!?


      2. ladyofthecakes Post author

        I think you may have a market here. 90% of Americans do not understand standard British English. This is what happened a couple of days ago at the chocolate stall (where else) at a local arts/crafts/farmers’ market:

        Me: You got any good stuff?

        Her: What?

        Me (really slowly): You. Got. Any. Good. Stuff?

        Her: Where are you from?

        Me: I’m German.

        Her (pointing to man standing beside her): My husband speaks German, in case you have a language problem.


      3. Expat Eye

        True 😉 I didn’t think there would be so many issues with British English – I never have any problems understanding Americans! I guess we’re exposed to American English more than the other way around though!


      1. June

        Well, I know that cocks are edible – I have two in my freezer!
        (I sense that this could go on all night! Glad you enjoyed your cake. Looking forward to hearing about the next one!)


  1. Kim G

    just a tad too tart for me to reach cakegasm. LOL!!!! Maybe you just need to order one that has a cream filling.

    I guess you did have a “cakeful” day, after all.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where our cake repertoire is sadly lacking.


      1. Jackie Cangro

        Would you believe that we got through on the phone?!? A few co-workers and I placed our order for 6 cronuts. We were on a waiting list for 2 weeks. But then the big day came. The flavor was rum caramel. (Wait, I’m re-living the experience right now) It was light and flakey. The filling was creamy but not overpowering. We all agreed it was much better than the knock-off!


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