The Key Lime Pie Reviews: Southernmost Beach Café

The Southernmost Beach Café is what it says on the tin: The southernmost eatery in the US. I’d been there once before and was served a delectable lunch. So, I thought, they must concoct their own special breed of Key lime pie, right?

Southernmost Caf

And yes, indeed they do!

Looks stunningly delicious, doesn't it?

Looks stunningly delicious, doesn’t it?

The verdict?

Well, let me hand it to you straight: It was all wrong. All of it. An Oreo cookie crust?! Nice with a plain cheese cake, I’m sure, but positively offensive with a zesty Key lime filling. The cream topping – sickly sweet. The strawberry goop on top? It completes the flavour amalgamation from hell.

My rating: This unholy melange wasn’t the absolute worst dessert I’ve ever had in my life, so I will give it 0.5 out of 5. I’m being gracious here out of appreciation of  the fabulously friendly wait staff and all the other glorious food they serve up.

If you have the chance, do go there, the setting is beautiful. Just don’t order their flippin’ aberration of a Key lime pie!

Cafe viewCafe sign

Southernmost beach, Key West

Artist weaving palm fronds on Southernmost Beach, Key West

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38 thoughts on “The Key Lime Pie Reviews: Southernmost Beach Café

  1. Anna

    Wow, that combo does sound pretty wretched. It’s funny how you had the worst and the best of this dessert in a span of a week. Tho I keep looking at that photo and thinking – take lime out of the equation, and it’s probably a good cake!



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